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Download: LEGO Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (Stop-motion).mp3

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The Comparison Video:

The Original Video:

The video took 5 hours building, 12 hours animating and 10 hours editing. I could have spent a bit longer on it but I had to get it out as soon as possible before it falls of trending.
The music video has 12 scenes with a total of 160 individual shots. It is possibly the most elaborate to date.
I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan and couldn’t wait for her new album. I remember the first time I hear this song. My first thoughts were. What the shit is this. But after listening to it a few times I began to enjoy it more with every listen.
The original video is blowing up now, it was number 1 on trending for over a week which is very rare for a video to be on trending for that long getting lots of exposure. It got 300 million views in the first week so it won’t take much longer to reach a billion. The Lego version is accurate and matches well so everything is aligning for it to go viral, I just wait for the final stage which is to trigger the chain reaction of people sharing the video, more views, more shares, more views. It becomes an endless spiral, accumulating lots of subscribers along the way.
The only downfall of this method is that I do not own the royalties which means I don’t generate any revenue for the video. But hay, you can’t have everything.
I have always wanted to do a Taylor swift in Lego video for ages but it was never possible because of all her most popular videos being blocked from re-uploads meaning I could do it, but I can’t have the audio. This is something that I was worrying about through the making of the video. What if I finish it and it gets taken down. Well, tough titties. I had to take the risk because as I said the timing is right and the payoff would be huge.

This is the temporary script for the Behind the Scenes video coming next month some time??

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